Monday, August 2, 2010

Milo's Do and Max's Blessing

The last few weeks have been really busy. Even though we haven't gone anywhere this summer (so far) it seems like we have something going on every weekend. This past weekend we had Max's blessing. Our families are so supportive!! All of Jeff's siblings came in town for the festivities and a lot of them live out of state. And my whole family was there as well. We were so happy to see everyone since we missed the Webb family reunion this year:( We had a great weekend chilling with the family. Milo and Max both love their cousins and wish we could see them more often.

My boys right before Max's blessing

Some of Max and Milo's cute cousins

Also a big event this last week....Milo's first haircut. I suprised Jeff by having the haridresser do a "fro-hawk". He looks adorable, as you can see. The only sad thing is that it makes him look so so much older. Our little dude is totally growing up!! Front View of Milo's new do

Side View :)

Now you get to enjoy an overload of pictures

Story of my life. I can never get them to take a good picture together.


Robyn Reynolds said...

I tried to get work off for a full week before the blessing and no one took my shift! :( I hope it was all great!

Michelle said...

K first of all I love the mohawk. That is sweet. And second I can't believe how big Max is already. He is so dang cute. I wish we could have come to his blessing. We were out of town.

Katy and Rob Bodily said...

Your boys are adorable!. I am so jealous that you have a pool across the street from your house. That is awesome! I am glad you had such a good turnout for Max's blessing. Looks like a fun event, wish I could have made it