Friday, April 29, 2011

We're Alive~

That's right, we're alive. I know you may have thought differently since I haven't posted in almost 5 months. the truth is, ever since I have been at home full time, I have less time to blog. Weird how that works. I used to do most of my posts in my free time at work (surprise Becden) and now I'm lucky to be able to sit at the computer for 5 seconds before one of the boys is climbing up my leg to see what I'm up to.

As a quick update, yes I am at home full time. Jeff got an amazing new job that he has wanted for years and that allowed me to quit. So far it has been mostly great. Some days, as we enter the terrible twos with Milo, and what I like to call the 'I thought they didn't get naughty til they were two's' with Max......things are a little rough. But all in all, it is magical to have the luxury to be home with them full time. They may be a little naughty, but at least I'm the one who gets to see it :)

I guess they aren't bums all the time. They are now to the age where they play really well together. Well, Milo rides Max like a horse, tries out new wrestling moves on him, and teaches him to be naughty but then smile and you might get away with it. They adore each other though and I love watching them interact everyday.

Milo turned two last week and Max turns one next week. I can't believe how fast the time has gone. We have been thinking about Milo's birth mom a lot lately, since he had a birthday, and reflecting on how grateful we are to her. We took Milo to a movie for the first time as a special birthday treat, and I bawled through the first 10 mins. This probably doesn't makes sense at first, especially since we were seeing Rio, but let me explain. Taking our child to his/her first movie was just one of a million things that Jeff and I used to dream about before we adopted Milo. I was just overwhelmed with feelings of gratitude towards his brave birth mom for giving us the chance to make those dreams come true.

Anyway, I'm sure most of you quit reading a long time ago, but that's what i get for putting all the cute photos first. See you in 5 months:)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


We have been really busy with the holidays the last few weeks I have a lot of photos to catch up on posting. The most hilarious of which is this...

Milo always wants to try on my boots and he finds it hilarious to try to walk around. We are only allowed to do this when Daddy isn't home :) Just kidding. Jeff thinks it's funny too.

Random, but adorable!

The rest of the photos are from taking the kids to see the lights at Temple Square and my parents also took the whole family to ZOO LIGHTS. It was so fun and I would recommend it to anyone who hasn't been and has little kids. I know going to Temple Square is so cliche and everyone says the lights are lame now, but Jeff and I have been waiting for so many years to have kids to take downtown and share that experience with. So it was extra special and Milo and Max both loved it.

Milo is saying cheese, by the way.....not growlingAlthough Max is sort of obese, he is attempting to crawl. This is one such attempt.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


My mom bought a grandma pass to the zoo this year. Its been awesome because we've been able to go a few times and spend just a few hours rather than the whole day. The boys love it! Milo especially loves the monkeys, and the baby elephant. Actually I think his new favorite thing is riding the carousel. He wanted to do that over and over again. Max just likes to be outside, so he's happy to ride around in the stroller for hours and hours. We are excited to go back to see the Christmas lights when they go up. Thanks to Sage for taking all the pics :)

Max is adorable, right?

Claire and my mom gazing at the giraffes.

Great Grandma Madsen pushing Max around the zoo in her Shape-ups :) She's awesome! Can your baby's great grandma push an extra giant baby around hilly hogle zoo while wearing special workout shoes? Probably not. Like I said....She's awesome.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bear Lake was Great!

We went to Bear Lake on our first family-of-four vacation a few weeks ago. It was so much fun! Jeff's sister has a family cabin they let us use once every summer and we always have such a great time. Milo loved spending time with his cousins and he loved the beach. He would spend ever second playing in the sand and water if we let him. Max thought the cabin was just splendid. There was always someone who wanted to cuddle with him, so for him it was paradise. We love spending time in Bear Lake, so we were very excited to learn that Jeff's parents just bought a lot there to build a cabin on!! Everyone in the family is super excited.
Here are a bunch of pics from the trip.

Mommy and Milo
Grandpa Webb holding Milo. As you can see, Milo was completely filthy the entire time.

Again with the dirty face.
Jeff and Milo playing on the beach
I think he ate some sand...Probably not the healthiest thing ever
Grandma Webb with Maxi-Poo who is looking all sorts of gangsta
A bunch of the cousins cuddled up to watch Pippi Longstockings. Milo couldn't stop hugging and kissing all of his cousins. He just loves them so much!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Milo's Do and Max's Blessing

The last few weeks have been really busy. Even though we haven't gone anywhere this summer (so far) it seems like we have something going on every weekend. This past weekend we had Max's blessing. Our families are so supportive!! All of Jeff's siblings came in town for the festivities and a lot of them live out of state. And my whole family was there as well. We were so happy to see everyone since we missed the Webb family reunion this year:( We had a great weekend chilling with the family. Milo and Max both love their cousins and wish we could see them more often.

My boys right before Max's blessing

Some of Max and Milo's cute cousins

Also a big event this last week....Milo's first haircut. I suprised Jeff by having the haridresser do a "fro-hawk". He looks adorable, as you can see. The only sad thing is that it makes him look so so much older. Our little dude is totally growing up!! Front View of Milo's new do

Side View :)

Now you get to enjoy an overload of pictures

Story of my life. I can never get them to take a good picture together.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Quick Update...

So as I'm sure you can imagine, things have been pretty hectic around our place these last few months. But I'm back at work now so I have a few minutes to update everyone:) Max is doing amazingly well. He's giant and we are excited to see how big he is at his 2 month appt. next week. He is smiling and cooing all the time now and his biggest smiles are saved for Milo. He LOVES him. It so awesome to see how he lights up whenever he catches a glimpse of his face. And the feeling is mutual. Milo adores him. He is always trying to kiss his head, he wants to hold him constantly, and he likes to try to put his binky in when he is crying (it usually ends up in his eyeball). We have only had two pee-in-the-face incidents, and they were both in Milo's face. Once when I was bathing Max in the sink I reached over to grab the wash and Milo started laughing really hard. I looked over and Max was peeing like a fountain straight onto Milo's head. Hilarious. Then the same thing happened when I had them in the tub together. I have a feeling this is a forecast of my future. Lots of pee, burping, and soccer. (Our house has been World Cup Central) I'll post more pics when I get a few minutes.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Hi, I'm Max

Meet the newest addition to our crew. Max William Webb was born on Cinco de Mayo around 1:00 in the afternoon. He weighed 7 lbs and 15 oz and was 21 inches long. Everything went really smoothly with the delivery and has been going great ever since. We are all adjusting to having two babies in the house. Milo is totally in love with his new brother. He gets very worried if Max is crying and he kisses his head about 1 million times a day. Max is such a sweet baby and is so far sleeping really well and adjusting to being out in the world quite nicely. We are so happy to have him here and I am especially glad to have his huge noggin out of my rib cage:)

Thanks for all the support and love everyone has shown us. Oh and sorry it took so long to post pictures:)