Thursday, October 28, 2010


My mom bought a grandma pass to the zoo this year. Its been awesome because we've been able to go a few times and spend just a few hours rather than the whole day. The boys love it! Milo especially loves the monkeys, and the baby elephant. Actually I think his new favorite thing is riding the carousel. He wanted to do that over and over again. Max just likes to be outside, so he's happy to ride around in the stroller for hours and hours. We are excited to go back to see the Christmas lights when they go up. Thanks to Sage for taking all the pics :)

Max is adorable, right?

Claire and my mom gazing at the giraffes.

Great Grandma Madsen pushing Max around the zoo in her Shape-ups :) She's awesome! Can your baby's great grandma push an extra giant baby around hilly hogle zoo while wearing special workout shoes? Probably not. Like I said....She's awesome.


Carly said...

So fun! I'm lovin' the grandma in Shape-ups! How do her glutes look? :)

Stephanie said...

looks like fun. i didn't know everyone was going to the zoo the day claire went with your mom.

Robyn Reynolds said...

I have a pass so we should totally go!

Michelle said...

What a cute grandma :)