Friday, April 29, 2011

We're Alive~

That's right, we're alive. I know you may have thought differently since I haven't posted in almost 5 months. the truth is, ever since I have been at home full time, I have less time to blog. Weird how that works. I used to do most of my posts in my free time at work (surprise Becden) and now I'm lucky to be able to sit at the computer for 5 seconds before one of the boys is climbing up my leg to see what I'm up to.

As a quick update, yes I am at home full time. Jeff got an amazing new job that he has wanted for years and that allowed me to quit. So far it has been mostly great. Some days, as we enter the terrible twos with Milo, and what I like to call the 'I thought they didn't get naughty til they were two's' with Max......things are a little rough. But all in all, it is magical to have the luxury to be home with them full time. They may be a little naughty, but at least I'm the one who gets to see it :)

I guess they aren't bums all the time. They are now to the age where they play really well together. Well, Milo rides Max like a horse, tries out new wrestling moves on him, and teaches him to be naughty but then smile and you might get away with it. They adore each other though and I love watching them interact everyday.

Milo turned two last week and Max turns one next week. I can't believe how fast the time has gone. We have been thinking about Milo's birth mom a lot lately, since he had a birthday, and reflecting on how grateful we are to her. We took Milo to a movie for the first time as a special birthday treat, and I bawled through the first 10 mins. This probably doesn't makes sense at first, especially since we were seeing Rio, but let me explain. Taking our child to his/her first movie was just one of a million things that Jeff and I used to dream about before we adopted Milo. I was just overwhelmed with feelings of gratitude towards his brave birth mom for giving us the chance to make those dreams come true.

Anyway, I'm sure most of you quit reading a long time ago, but that's what i get for putting all the cute photos first. See you in 5 months:)


Carly said...

Em, I heart you.


Ah you're boys are darling Em!! they sure can be monsters but ya gotta love them. I could only imagine 2 within a year. I'm sure you are one BUSY momma

Just the 3 of us said...

I loved the blog! Keep on posting :) Love hearing about you and your cute family.

Heidi said...

Yay for quitting your job... now you have a bigger one! At least now you can focus on it totally, which is what two kids under the age of two (pretty much) need. You rock. Um, I need to see you in less than 5 months, please.

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